Strategic Investor Relations Planning

By The Equity Group
In an uncertain and often volatile market, it is vital for public companies to tell their stories in a clear, succinct way while engaging directly with potential investors and sell-side analysts on a consistent basis.
Companies’ investor stories need to be refreshed periodically, which can take some time. Likewise, it is important to plan ahead to secure participation in the most productive investor conferences, and organize non-deal roadshows and perhaps an Investor Day
To create an effective investor relations plan:
  1. Define the key goals, being mindful of expected corporate milestones.
  2. Identify key target audiences on the buy- and sell-side – these may have shifted due to the company’s current story and investment characteristics.
  3. Map out investor events, working around earnings timeframes and expected corporate developments.
  4. Messaging assessment/refinement should be part of the plan, to ensure the company sets appropriate expectations in the investment community for the coming year, always mindful and building and maintaining credibility.
  5. Providing some color on management’s longer-term vision should also be part of the plan, otherwise it is challenging to attract institutional investors.
Strategic investor relations planning is vital to a successful IR program that clearly communicates a story and engages with current and potential stakeholders in the investment community.
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