Planning & Executing a Successful Investor Day

By The Equity Group
Much like any relationship, the one between a public company and its investment audience benefits from face-to-face interaction. Hosting an Investor Day not only provides facetime, but allows a company to reinforce its story, provide direct access to the extended management team, and, if applicable, boost a strategic announcement.
When planned with careful consideration and expertise, an Investor Day can be a highly effective event.
Key Tips
  1. Preparation is key; begin planning several months in advance.
  2. It’s best to schedule an Investor Day after at least six months of proactivity and engagement, as most attendees will be current followers of the company.
  3. Be thoughtful about the agenda and format, and what new content you will be sharing. Investors and analysts do not want to hear the same information they have heard before.
  4. The event and presentation should be geared towards educating investors and analysts on topics of interest and providing further insight into the long-term strategy and vision.
  5. Garner feedback following the event.
Pre-Event: Preparation is Key
  • Begin planning several months in advance.
  • Develop an agenda.
    • What is the overall theme and tone? What new information will you be sharing? Investors and analysts do not want to hear the same investor presentation they have heard before — they will want new content that expands their understanding of the company.
    • What will be the format and length of the event? Will it be live or virtual? Make sure to use a reliable provider for webcasts.
    • Which members of the team will participate? How will you structure the Q&A portion?
      • This is a good opportunity for investors and analysts to see the depth of a management team by hearing from people other than just the CEO and CFO.
    • Consider asking key stakeholders what areas they would like to hear about, incorporating an outside speaker, and/or conducting a demo or tour, if applicable.
  • Secure a location.
    • Consider geographically targeting your biggest investment base, or showcasing a company facility.
  • Send a save-the-date to enhance participation.
  • Conduct outreach and targeting.
    • Be mindful and strategic with the invites. Most attendees will be current followers of the company, so if you haven’t been proactive with IR previously, it’s best to schedule an Investor Day after at least six months of proactivity and engagement.
  • Send a detailed invitation.
    • Provide an agenda to enhance interest, and if appropriate, provide logistical details, especially for locations that are “off the beaten path.”
    • Also, issue a news release to enhance awareness and webcast participation.
  • Develop a thoughtful, compelling presentation.
    • The Investor Day presentation allows you to authentically convey the company’s comprehensive, long-term story. It is important to develop it from a foundation of key messages.
  • Prepare the team.
    • Conduct Reg FD training for any company participants not accustomed to interacting with investors and analysts.
    • Prepare a list of possible questions and responses.
    • Rehearse; ideally including a dry-run at the event venue.
During Event:
  • Stick to the agenda, minute-by-minute.
  • Allow some time to strengthen relationships with investors and analysts.
  • Conduct post-event communications.
  • Garner feedback and extend the success of the Investor Day.
  • Maintain contact and relationships after the event.
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