Robert D. Goldstein
Bob founded The Equity Group in 1974; he was one of the early entrants in what became the investor relations business. Bob remained President of the firm until 2013, and continues to serve in an advisory capacity.
Under Bob’s leadership, The Equity Group built a solid reputation for providing high quality investor relations services to micro through mid-cap companies, typically over the course of 5-10+ year relationships.
Bob developed a team of talented and principled professionals, with financial acumen, broad investment community contacts, and exceptional writing skills. The culture established was one of excellence, collaboration, and the highest level of commitment to clients. This culture has led to an average team tenure of 13 years, fostering continuity for clients and their stakeholders. Over the years, The Equity Group has pursued long client relationships combined with disciplined growth to maintain the highest quality services.
Before founding The Equity Group, Bob was Vice President of an investor relations firm, Assistant to the President of Federated Capital Corp., an Investment Bank, and on the audit staff of Ernst & Young.
Bob served on the Boards of public companies, advised pre-IPO companies on their business plans and the IPO process, and connected companies with Investment Banks and other financing sources appropriate for their stage of development.
After graduating with a BA from Hobart College, where he was captain of the baseball team, Bob was offered a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers but instead pursued a career in business and finance. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School.
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